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1997 /
Partying is fun. We eat cake, too. But be careful when distributing among the guests: you have to learn how to cut pieces of cake of exactly the same size ... In oil on glass, Daniel Šuljić has created what is probably the most beautiful animated carnage of all and thus paints a bitterly evil picture of our society, which unfortunately has a lasting effect. Duscha Kistler


1997 /
Summer: Two women on the beach, long flights, dreams, sun. A small cinematic painting in which the images dance to the rhythms of the music. KF


1997 /
On the Day of German Unity in 1995, Andreas Kleinert and Johann Feindt travel through Berlin with their camera. They hold on to what is imposed upon them, are open to weighty and banal things. Without commentary, eloquent images and sound collages combine to form a documentary essay on the state of the nation, biased and open, provocative and thoughtful. The recordings from 3 October 1995 provide insights into various events, listen to people, depict graffiti. And again and again Kleinert and Feindt return to Charly, a drop-out from the Wagenburg who has made himself largely independent of social constraints. He lives self-sufficiently in the former "no man's land" on the German-German border of Berlin. The film does well without commentary - the images and sound collages invite the viewer to follow his own thoughts. A surprising find, which one wishes more publicity for. KF

Room Without a...

1997 /
The experience of exile as impressionistic collage. Intimate soul image of the director who fled from Sarajevo to the Netherlands.


1997 /
The textile company that was established more than 20 years ago brought prosperity to the town of Wittstock. But then came the turning point: The combine was closed and almost 3000 people lost their jobs. A captivating chronicle about the city and its factory. More than 20 years ago, documentary filmmaker Volker Koepp went to Wittstock in Brandenburg. A large textile company had just been established there. Koepp made seven films about how the company founded the city's prosperity. The focus was on three women who never minced their words. Then came the turning point: The company was closed and almost 3000 people lost their jobs. Koepp also filmed this time. Using old and new material, he assembled a captivating chronicle that tells how people lived in the GDR and what political developments meant for everyday life. KE


1997 /
"Where are the birds in winter," asks the little boy, dreaming his way along the birds' itinerary. Interestingly enough, everything looks like it did on the last family holiday... KDF