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1994 /
The demolition of a residential quarter and the resistance of its inhabitants condenses into a brilliant collage. The spider is at the same time a symbol of lived life and of the London road network, to which life has to give way. Kill the Spider! (Golden dove 1997) Grit Lemke

Hararna Fanger...

1994 /
A poem by Hans Sachs is told in individual pictures of Peter Nestler's charcoal drawings: The hares ally themselves against the hunter, a parable on the possibility of resistance. - Grit Lemke

The Smell of Bu...

1994 /
How little people become real boys. A guide to acquiring true masculinity. Fear and terror, shame and pain included.


1994 /
Early 1990s in the Croatian city of Vukovar. The inhabitants are driven out by the Serbian besiegers. A discarded train near the front serves them as shelter. But soon there are tensions among the refugees... A cinematic testimony, created at the time of the war. Early 1990s in the Croatian city of Vukovar, near the border with Serbia. The inhabitants are expelled by the Serbian besiegers; a discarded train in a station near the front serves as accommodation for them. Only the thought of an early return to Vukovar gives hope. But the siege continues and there are tensions among the refugees. Developed during the armed conflicts between Serbs and Croats and marked by the shock of the Serbian invasion of the former multicultural Vukovar, the film propagates the will to persevere and win. A contemporary document.