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Born Out of Dea...

1981 /
The West German Monica Maurer has made important films for the PLO. During the Israeli air raids on Beirut on 17 July 1981, 350 people were killed, including a pregnant woman. The baby could be rescued from her torn belly. Maurer shows suffering and pain of the people, their sacrifice. She talks about systemic causes of violence. She also refers to the history of her country and formulates arguments for the necessity of the liberation struggle. Irit Neidhardt

David und Golia...

1981 /
The biblical theme is varied through colours, structures and shades. The graphic artist and puppeteer Sabine Meienreis had different materials and graphic elements correspond with each other and with the music. Nadja Rademacher

der lange ritt...

1981 /
A western comedy for the whole family: ten-year-old Alex has a blossoming imagination, which he also uses in everyday life. So, for example, the sports teacher turns into the brave Indian chief "Red Milan". Look forward to a reunion with the "DEFA Indian" Gojko Mitić! Recommended for all ages. In the form of a Western comedy, DER LANGE RITT ZUR SCHULE tells the story of a boy who finds a self-confident attitude to life through his dream fantasies. Ten-year-old Alex deals with his everyday problems in the realm of fiction - in the Wild West! His adult companion will be his sports teacher, played by Gojko Mitić, who also appears as an Indian chief and thus parodies his standard role in the DEFA Indian films in a certain way. The film conveys its universal messages in an extremely entertaining way.

Eine Nummer grö...

1981 /
What happens if one is more negligent than the other when it comes to occupational safety? Serious failures to transport metal parts are subject to multiple penalties. Ralf Forster


1981 /
The high art of animated short stories - Piotr Dumałas Cartoons almost always manage without dialogue and still tell stories: about the wolf in man, about the "black cap", about fairy tale characters from space, about Franz Kafka's life or about Dostoevsky's "guilt and atonement". Man is man's wolf. A gloomy story about false wolves - actually camouflaged more about people than wolves - which are sooner or later discovered and eaten. (Catalog Wrocław, 2009)


1981 /
Everything flows - but time seems to have frozen in swimming pools. A reflection on movement and standstill. - Grit Lemke