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1974 /
A Bolex camera between two female bodies with which she seems to merge. "Each frame of the film shows a touch. In the evolution of man, touch comes before sight and the connection of both was a central aesthetic principle of my early films. The audience can feel for themselves what they see on the screen." (Barbara Hammer) The first "lesbian film" in film history.

Exkursion Thier...

1974 /
In socialist realism, art should not be an end in itself. The relationship to physical production and to the status of plan fulfilment was expected. At the invitation of the SED district leadership and the Leipzig district council, Leipzig artists visited the newly built lignite-fired power plant Thierbach in 1974, presented as the result of "socialist economic integration" under the leadership of Soviet specialists. The Bezirksfilmstudio Leipzig (originally "Technisches Zentrum Amateurfilm") accompanied 40 Leipzig painters, musicians, writers and "theatre makers", including Wolfgang Mattheuer, Helmut Richter and Karl Kayser. Stefan Gööck

Laysa lahum wuj...

1974 /
The film title quotes the former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. In nine formally very different chapters, the film portrays the Palestinian refugee camp Nabatieh in southern Lebanon: the camp inhabitants' attachment to the liberation struggle, the anti-imperialist context and the destruction of Nabatieh by Israeli air raids in May 1974. Director Mustafa Abu Ali was one of the founding fathers of the PLO film organization. Irit Neidhardt

Psalm 18

1974 /
Images of a service ordered by the junta for its praise are accompanied by images of arrests, shootings, mutilated bodies, death and violence. Psalm 18: "They call on the Lord, but he does not answer them." - Grit Lemke Honorary recognition Kraków (1974), Grand Prize Oberhausen (1975)