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Rend a házban

1971 /
The main character of the story is an angry janitor who wants to use dictatorial methods to get the young tenants in "his" house to wear their hair short and come home early in the evening. The film is based on a fake radio interview. Anna Ida Orosz

Versuch über Sc...

1971 /
In contrast to most of the documentary works of the DEFA of that time, nothing is claimed here; instead of irrevocable truths, an "attempt" is presented, the very subjective approach to a "model man" of the GDR press. In simple observations of this master in the large research centre Leuna, on the telephone, at the desk, during a tour of the company, in conversation with workers or at the price skat, we get closer to him, he is fetched from the pedestal. And at the end there is the simple realization "that socialism is built with people like Hans Schober, like you and me". The doctrine didn't match that. - Grit Lemke


1971 /
Original title: Viscose sponge wipes from Schwarza

Von Eurem Geist

1971 /
A short documentary biopic about the leader of the German and international working class Karl Liebknecht (1871-1919) - about his unbending will and his intrepid, consistent struggle against imperialist warmongering. Ralph Eue

Žvahlav aneb ša...

1971 /
Every thing has a use. And a life beyond that. A wardrobe runs through the forest and contains a nursery. Here, toy dolls and household objects deliver an over-twisted, destructive show, accompanied by Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" poem. Jan Švankmajer's staging is considered a classic of surreal object animation. Ines Seifert