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Barfuß und ohne...

1964 /
"This black-and-white documentary reports on the summer time of a group of young people on the beach of Prerow on the Baltic Sea. The young apprentices and students are partly in love, full of verve and uncomplicated, wear jeans and are casual. The music of the guitar players shown connects them with each other in singing and dancing in the evening hours. The camera captures the young people well, the narratives convey the past and future life paths of the young people, whereby hopes, desires and worries become recognizable." (Film catalogue of the DEFA Foundation)

Der Große Schmu...

1964 /
The house "Europa" had many builders over centuries: especially the suspicion and the self-interest of the nations. Soon there were many guards and many smugglers. "Somebody had an idea" ... and slowly the walls crumble and the windows open to the neighbour.

Die Utopen

1964 /
Eye rows, horse jockeys, mouths, triplets, cars - an enigmatic, radical catalogue of images. Cohesive by surprising montage, disassembled by the relentless sabre of a guard soldier.

Mülheim (Ruhr)

1964 /
Modern buildings, backyards, an aunt corner shop, people in the pub, skat players, walkers, faded bourgeois villa charm and the suburbs of industry: factories, chimneys and cranes, the poor houses of the workers, the harbour, ships on the Ruhr, a child on the street. The city portrait - only underlined by the jazzy, partly dissonant guitar sounds of Dieter Süverkrüp, a jew's harp and the driving beat of a metronome - found little favour with politicians and the press: too ugly, too grey. It was not until almost twenty years later (when the Mülheim of the film had largely disappeared) that the Rheinische Post found: "simply sensational". - Grit Lemke

Treffpunkt an d...

1964 /
Folk and summer festival in the allotment garden section on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the GDR - a direct insight into the Leipzig way of life in 1964. Stefan Gööck

Zanim Opadną Li...

1964 /
The film is a unique document of the everyday life of the last Roma treks, before - as the film title alludes to - the decree on the forced settlement of Polish Roma came into force in autumn 1964. The fact that the film has not lost any of its fascination to this day is shown not least by the many picture quotations in the competition entry PAPUSZA.