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1959 /
A doll maker whose dolls lose their beauty in the glow of electric light. In the glow of a kerosene lamp the doll maker goes about his work. When the owner of the studio installed electric light, however, the dolls, now illuminated by the light bulb, no longer looked so beautiful. GDY SPADAJĄ ANIOŁY is Polańskis Final thesis of the Filmhochschule Łódż.

Sensation des J...

1959 /
The satire, which was enthusiastically received at the time, is based on a then popular joke about an American space rocket that set off for the moon ("The moon will be American!") and found a Soviet radio station there on its arrival. Despite the political background - the race to the moon in the midst of the Cold War - the film still convinces today with its fast pace, cartoon-like characters and timeless modernity. Grit Lemke

Uwaga Diabeł

1959 /
A devil is bewitched at a magic show, but escapes and begins to play malicious tricks.