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Die Welt horcht...

1957 /
The propaganda film by Max Jaap and Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler ("Sudel-Ede") conjures up the conquest of earth, nature, atom and universe by man - the socialist, of course. While in Western Europe and America people are desperate because test rockets break ("Why can't we do that?"), the builders of socialism master the most complicated technology - up to an electron brain the size of a living room, which relieves them of thinking ... Grit Lemke

Es war einmal -...

1957 /
A vulture with a distinctive beard and a black crown takes advantage of the dissatisfaction of the bird world in "Wolkenreich" for his goals. As the number of followers grows, critical voices are suppressed. An entertaining attempt to come to terms with the NS era in the spirit of the 1950s in West Germany.

Frühe Fragmente...

1957 /
Two mute, black-and-white raw materials, which have been handed down in (normal) 8 mm format, are presented in a cut by the Saxon State Archives. On 9 August 1957, Walter Ulbricht, First Secretary of the Central Committee (CC) of the SED, hosted Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, First Secretary of the CC of the CPSU, at the GDR Agricultural Exhibition in Markkleeberg near Leipzig. Around 1960, Otto Grotewohl, Prime Minister of the GDR, addressed employees of the VEB coal works "August Bebel" in Zwickau. In the following decade the miners were retrained and coal mining in the GDR was stopped due to exhaustion of the deposits. Stefan Gööck


1957 /
A man who sleeps too well. A man sleeps peacefully in his bed. And doesn't wake up even when another man in the black trench coat enters the room. A disastrous action takes its course... GDY SPADAJĄ ANIOŁY is Polańskis Final thesis of the Filmhochschule Łódż.


1957 /
24 hours from the life of Cuba, an alcoholic who wants to stop drinking - but always relapses anew. He fights and tries bravely to stand firm. But already the first glass of vodka in a bar sealed his failure. Existentialist drama by Poland's most unknown master director Wojciech Jerzy Has - one of whose admirers is David Lynch. Hours of turmoil in the life of Cuba (Gustaw Holoubek) - an alcoholic who decides to stop drinking for the last time. At home, where he is alone with his fear and the irresistible compulsion to get drunk, he waits for his fiancée, who is supposed to accompany him to a doctor in the afternoon. With overwhelming memories and the hope of change and the attempt not to drink he wanders through the city. For a few hours out of the peculiar state of waiting for his fiancée. Cuba surrenders and returns to its addiction.


1957 /
A man watching a naked woman in the neighbor's house. A man stands in the stairwell and watches a naked woman in the neighbouring building through the window. After he is startled by another inhabitant, he can no longer discover the beautiful one.