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Musik, Musik, M...

1955 /
Leipzig as a city of music: the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester under the direction of the legendary Kurt Henkel (who later went to the West). "Speedy rhythm creates joie de vivre."

Sunagawa no hit...

1955 /
In order to deal well with the former occupiers, the government under Prime Minister Hatoyama approved the expansion of the Tachikawa air base by the US armed forces in the late summer of 1955 - in an emergency also against the will of the population. The people are going straight to the barricades. Violent confrontations began on 13 September, of which the predecessor of this work, "People of Sunagawa: A Record of the Struggle Against the Military Base" (1955), told of. At the end of this agit tract of solidarity with the peasants and students, one sees pictures of the probably first Japanese mass demonstration since the end of the occupation in front of the embassy of the United States. Olaf Möller


1955 /
Full of pathos and agitational zeal, it is described how "one of the giants of the second five-year plan" is created. From tearing open the earth, diverting rivers to resettlement of villages - the film leaves no doubt that the industrialization of Lusatia serves the progress of mankind, but authentically breathes the spirit of dawn of time. GL

Uwaga, chuligan...

1955 /
In the mid-1950s, an unknown phenomenon spread across Warsaw's streets: rioting and drunken young people. Who are these troublemakers who do not correspond at all to the propagated image of man?