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Dotch Svjatogo

1931 /
Shot in 1931, the film is part of the first anti-religious campaign in the Soviet Union, which praises the Soviet idea of living and working in collective farms and factories and gives women the chance of an independent lifestyle. A crowd approaches a mosque, among them Tursun and his wife Hakima. They ask for the blessing of Imam Abdu-Nabi so that they may finally have a child. He performs a "miracle" - he rapes Hakima, who soon after gets a daughter - Oinasa. 20 years later - in Soviet times, Abdu-Nabi visited Tursun's village and kept an eye on the beautiful Oinasa. To protect them, Hakima sends them to the textile factory. Abdu-Nabi demands Hakima's death, but she tells the truth and exposes the lie inherent in religion. BiB


1931 /
Little Emil travels alone to Berlin for the first time, and the money intended for his grandmother is promptly stolen from him. Together with a few boys he meets at the train station, the chase for the thief begins. Erich Kästner's classic of children's literature in the masterful 1931 film adaptation. Shortly after the premiere on December 2, 1931, a review said that the story of little Emil was sufficiently well known. What the young author Erich Kästner had devised in 1929 and published as a novel had already been sold millions of times. Since then, this narrative has accompanied every generation of adolescents anew. The novel has been filmed several times in the meantime. But this adaptation is still particularly remarkable because it is the first German feature film for children and also shows unique historical pictures of Berlin and Brandenburg. KDF