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1928 /
Misery, War and Revolution - Ukraine 1918: Dovzhenko's third feature leads from the horror of the First World War to the overthrow of the existing regime. Stylized black-and-white images and a brilliant montage make this silent film a masterpiece of Soviet revolutionary film. The population becomes impoverished through feudal rule and military arbitrariness. More and more men are losing their lives in the trenches. After the lost world war, the call for social and political change is becoming louder and louder. An alliance of big landowners, military and priests wants an independent Ukraine, but wants to maintain the existing ownership. The workers are resisting it. They demand the "Soviet power", call the strike and occupy the Kiev ammunition camp "Arsenal" - they fight against an overpowering opponent. The heroic depiction of the workers uprising is exemplary for the iconization of the Soviet victory in the Russian Civil War. Like Eisenstein, Dovzhenko works with the montage of hard opposites and symbolic images. But his passion for German Expressionism also becomes visible in high-contrast night shots. The film runs in a double programme with the documentary OLEKSANDR DOVZHENKO: ODESKIY SVYTANOK/OLEKSANDR DOVZHENKO: ODESSA SUNRISE. WMH

Eveready Harton...

1928 /
"Highlight Stories Presents" the fantasy world of the unknown artist from the Golden Twenties. Allzeitbereit Ständerich experiences adventures with woman, rival and animal. One of the oldest pornographic animation films was made anonymously in three major New York animation studios. Ines Seifert


1928 /
A classic of avant-garde film, in which objects rebel in house and garden. People have nothing left but to follow the spook in amazement. Franziska Bruckner