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1927 /
The ancient fairy-tale motif of the water-shy boy in a version adapted to the Soviet everyday life of the time. Amusing and full of tricks is the duel between a boy who doesn't want to wash himself and a washstand with human features. The washstand annoys the boy so long until the Widerspenstige washed itself exemplary. The puppet film was based on a popular children's poem by Konstantin Tschukowski, which was filmed several times. - Günter Agde


1927 /
The invention of the mixed trick from the spirit of a wooden doll: In a Moscow toy museum, a wood carver of a group of children shows how he works: he carves a Kasper from a piece of wood for them and - the doll that comes to life delights the children with all kinds of pranks. The elegant combination of real and fairy tale scenes is the special attraction of this film. - Günter Agde

Senka Afrikanet...

1927 /
Africa in a dream: a young Moscow pioneer dreams his way to the distant continent, where he has all kinds of daring adventures and experiences foreign animals and unknown natives. He flies effortlessly everywhere and ends up back in his Moscow nursery. The animated film combines real scenes with furious cartoons. - Günter Agde