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... so wie mit...

1993 /
Exit from the surface 4 short films by Donald Saischowa Multifaceted evening with short films by Donald Saischowa, cameraman of the TV series "Schätze der Welt - Erbe der Menschheit" about the UNESCO World Heritage. The film series is devoted to early portraits of artist friends such as Hans Scheuerecker. The sorbian artist Fred Pötschke lives and works in the Spreewald. An international workshop on monument protection in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreewald was the occasion for this film.


2004 /
The film gives an introduction to open pit mining in impressively detailed pictures. An industrial landscape in upheaval, monumental, monstrous, aesthetically seductive. And for some an adventure playground. KF

(le) Rebound

2016 /
A heartbroken Claudia hooks up with a hipster as a rebound fling. Eager to leave her previous love behind her, she follows him to an artists' retreat in France. When they encounter a wild European couple one night, Claudia becomes an unwitting participant in a hedonistic romp.


1968 /
Recordings that officially shouldn't have been made. An archive find from the Saxon State Archives. Ralph Eue


1968 /
In an interview with Stefan Gööck, Manfred Köhler, cameraman and television producer Manfred Köhler, who died in 2013 and was head of the "Bezirksfilmstudio Leipzig" in the 1960s, explains the circumstances of the filming of the demolition of the Leipzig University Church in 1968. Rudolf Etzold, a master baker from Schmölln, is mentioned as a co-worker, and Klaus Büttner, a vocational school teacher and member of the "Bezirksarbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfilm Leipzig", took over the development of the 16 mm material, bypassing the DEFA copying plant. Köhler cites the production of these photographs as proof that it was possible not to be captured. Stefan Gööck


2016 /
#FatTina is a dark comedy about an overweight high school girl with a dark past who is trying to regain a positive outlook on life again. When the cyber bullying turns into an actual threat, Tina decides to take matters into her own hands.


2018 /
The audition of a young actress quickly gets out of control and turns into an intimate and manipulative interrogation. As she struggles to assert herself, a pressing question remains: how far will she go to get the role? A disturbing drama about the abuse of power in the film industry.

1. Leipziger He...

1984 /
In 1984 the "1st Leipzig Autumn Salon" took place - a venture and a turning point for Dammbeck. Six painters, sculptors and filmmakers organized an art exhibition past all state institutions. It was the first and last of its kind. This recapture of public space by artistic means called into question the monopoly of power of the rulers and became the initial spark for similar activities of other artists in the art centers of the GDR. A courageous signal towards the SED, which regarded the exhibition as a "counterrevolutionary development". After that, there were only two choices: Backward step or departure. Sven Safarov


2012 /
"½" is a short animation about the question: How do you get up when you've lost everything worth living for?


2009 /
11.52 p.m., Pont Neuf, Paris. Professor Roman and his 30-year younger girlfriend Chloe are on their way home when an accident upsets their value system.


2018 /
Smug, Djoss or Santa Maria - one of the three has really fucked up... The best gangster film of all time exclusively occupied with teachers.


2018 /
“15:33“ is a short film combining elements of surrealism and horror but at the same time handling its topic “coping of bereavement“ in a serious manner. The protagonist is a middle-aged man who seems to have got stuck in time after the death of his young son. He feels isolated from the rest of the world and finds himself in an emptiness he only shares with horrifying shadows of the past. Trying to escape the situation and to cope with his grief, the protagonist sets out for a way into his own memories.

1989 – Lieder u...

2018 /
In his new animated film "1989 - Lieder unserer Heimat - Vorwärts immer" Schwarwel tells from a personal perspective what makes an injustice system with and out of the people who grow up and live in it.Embedded in music videos - from a colourful potpourri of different musical genres and songs composed by Schwarwel himself - this cross-genre episodic animation film, which unites the different styles in itself, semi- and autobiographically as well as documentarily in the context of a flowing overall plot in short stories and stories historical themes and true events, is embedded in music videos - semi- and autobiographical, always very close and lasting, the contents are presented funny, cheerful, entertaining and bitter, dramatic, profound at the same time. And what is this film about: childhood, youth and upbringing, the cutting of the cord from the parental home, youth movement and music, state control, surveillance and prison, the restriction and curtailment of rights, life in an injustice state and a dictatorship, war, rolling tanks and shooting orders, demonstrations, opposition and revolution, sport and doping and last but not least freedom of opinion, of the press and of religion as well as one's own freedom and so much more.Schwarwel grew up in the GDR and experienced it as a systemically "unadapted youth". Since he could hold a pen, he drew pictures and later comics, had his own band, was a musician and punk. As a teenager he took part in the first Monday demonstrations (later no more) and spent the early 90s in Berlin ... Schwarwel combines his experiences and experiences in "1989 - Lieder unserer Heimat - Vorwärts immer" and his stories are symbolic: Everyone can identify with it, becomes part of the plot, independent of the age and state system in which he/she grew up.The approach of this film is to understand history as a contemporary document in order to establish one's own relation to one's own life in the here and now in the sense of: "What can we, what can I learn from history myself? What does all this have to do with me and my own life? wars still take place today and for centuries. Otherness, non-conformity and life that does not conform to society are still not welcome. State control, surveillance, dictatorships, injustice systems, injustice and injustice continue to exist today and in the past. People take to the streets and demonstrate for freedom and a more just life ... "1989 - Songs of our homeland - Forward always" is a personal and at the same time historical retrospective, a reappraisal of events and happenings that manifest themselves in flashbacks, dreams, memories and adventures of the author. The viewer perceives the touching events from the perspective of the protagonist. He experiences and feels everything very closely, can feel in, becomes a part of it and at the same time can draw conclusions about his own life.This very personal and authentic approach, which maintains the claim to objectivity with its subjective perspective, so that the recipient can identify with the narrative, is an important means to convey the content in an optimal and understandable way and to make it more perceptible and emotional for the target group - through more realism of content instead of an abstract mediation of history. The viewer gets a tool at hand to process already known knowledge and to understand it better by empathizing with the story. The aim is to make history a tangible experience, so that the viewer can judge for himself where he locates himself. The Studio Glücklicher Montag completed "1989 - Songs of our Homeland - Forward Always" in time for 30 Years of Peaceful Revolution 2019.

1989 – Lieder u...

2017 /
Episode from a series of animated films about the fall of the wall and the peaceful revolution. This episode is about Erich Mielke (1907-2000), who is completely lost in new times and who proclaims his love for people. Around him were the ruins of the GDR and its former Ministry for State Security. Ralph Eue

35 fotos (defa...

1984 /
In 35 photos through the life of a young woman. The portrait of an everyday woman's life at that time in the GDR. "You adapt until you're not much of a person." KF

4 Könige

2015 /
Just before Christmas of all days, Lara ends up in juvenile psychiatry. Together with three other teenagers and an unconventional psychiatrist, she spends unusual holidays there. Just before Christmas of all days, Lara ends up in juvenile psychiatry. Together with three other teenagers and an unconventional psychiatrist, she spends unusual holidays there. Instead of looking forward to Christmas, Lara has completely different worries. The conflict with her parents escalates to such an extent that Lara is sent to the psychiatric ward where she is to spend the holidays. There she meets three other young people who couldn't be more different. With the help of an extraordinary psychiatrist, the young patients slowly begin to open up and experience a Christmas of a completely different kind. A tragicomedy about young people who have to find their own way. AS/JN


2016 /
Marriage, my community, the"; community between man and woman established by marriage. (Duden)Hermine and Uwe have known each other for 50 years and have been married for 47 years. We accompany them on their 18347th day together.


2008 /
A train accident. Four of the passengers suddenly wake up on the beach. It is sunny and warm, the sky is blue and the seagulls screech. The casualties go swimming in the sea and then disappear into the afterlife.


2018 /
8 minutes and 27 seconds - that’s how long a ray of light travels from Sun to Earth.So, if the sun would suddenly malfunction, we would still have roughly 8 minutes left before the total darkness. 8:27 is the story of this extraordinary event and how people would deal with it.


2009 /
is not easy to talk to the father: how to explain that you are unemployed and the car is only rented? Even full commitment to the rugby game cannot help. DK