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Äquator 360° –...

2018 /
We dive into an impressive world of sound and colour. The shamans of the Yuruparí people live in the Amazon rainforest in southwestern Colombia. Their sacred sites are distributed in a network that follows exactly the equatorial line. The Yuruparí believe that they live in the center of the world and that it is their task to keep the earth spiritually balanced. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann

Blind Vaysha –...

2017 /
Vaysha's not like other girls: In her left eye she sees the past, in her right eye the future. Trapped in a blurred intermediate world, the present is a blind spot for her. The 360° film combines traditional linocut with innovative animation technologies. The use of stereoscopic images makes it possible to see the world with Vaysha's eyes. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann


2017 /
An oil field in Texas, the engine room of an ocean freighter, an anechoic chamber, a waste incineration plant - the connecting element of these contrasting scenes are the protagonists of this collage-like 360° film. They lead lonely lives, far away from our own lifestyle. The silence of the anechoic chamber meets the roar of the engine room. But in the end, everything is one. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann

The Bridge

2017 /
We embark on a journey around the world. Accompanied by ghostly figures, we cross oceans and forests, passing desolate places. The horizon is only an illusion - an imaginary line that remains unattainable. The bridge as a starting and ending point serves as a symbol for the escape into a better reality. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann

The Real Thing

2018 /
We travel from Paris to Venice and London without leaving China. The 360° film explores the fascinating reality of "fake cities" and provides access to a copied world that blurs the boundaries between original, fake, real and virtual. Locals lead us through almost empty urban landscapes that serve as canvases for a completely different culture. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann

Was wollten Sie...

2017 /
The headset functions as a time machine and puts us in the role of a prisoner in the Stasi prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Based on the memories of the GDR writer Jürgen Fuchs and numerous interviews with contemporary witnesses, this 360° film not only illustrates recent German history, but also makes it present for a brief moment. Lars Rummel, Marie Hinkelmann