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2018 /
Bagheera is the determined, young leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop. One evening, she is abducted by a sadistic brute who torments her in a run down dairy. Bagheera uses the skills of her many achievement badges to elude him and serve up a scorching retribution.

De Geheugenkame...

2017 /
A young woman is using a holographic projector to capture precious memories to their partners again and again. The system works as long as they're is behaving exactly as he did then. But when she became more and more aware of her original behavior. the system begins to turn against them. A short, virtual film about loss, technology and ethics.

Forêt Noire

2018 /
Jura, in France. A judge reconstructs an unsolved murder. The defendants, a family from Quebec, need to recreate the day of the crime in detail.


2019 /
Only a few more hours until a comet passes Earth at a threatening distance. LEA (14) is traveling with her parents and her mentally handicapped brother, while the news reports of naturaldisasters afflicting all parts of the world. As unclear as their plan may seem at first, they have a destination. And they are in a hurry to reach it.But the closer they get, the greater Lea's doubts about the parents' plan become. And just likethe world around her, Lea's inner life also begins to falter more and more: The accidentalencounter with a boy triggers unfamiliar emotions, her body behaves more and more strangely.For the first time the otherwise obedient child leans against her parents, increasingly questioning their view of the world.When the family reaches it’s destination, a remote mountain hut in the Bavarian Alps, they are welcomed by several guests in uniform clothing and with mysterious technical applications ontheir arms. The group prepares for a radical ritual in the firm belief that the comet will lead them to a higher existence on Jupiter. A place where Lea's parents hope to finally be able to communicatewith their mute son.Lea finally has to decide whether to follow her parents on this dangerous journey or to go her own way and stay on Earth on her own.

Von Oben

2018 /
Every night Irene is hearing strange water noises from above. When the tenants who cause them finally move out, the sounds keep on coming back ... A short entirely set in an old Viennese apartment.

Woman in Stall

2018 /
A woman is held captive by a man whose intentions are not entirely clear.