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2018 /
2040: State-of-the-art technology enables the downloading of consciousness into a virtual reality. It is used for virtual dates, games or farewells of seriously ill patients. In order to close the deal with his mother, who abused him as a child and sent him to a children's home, Nick visits her in a farewell room. Since Andrea is in a coma, he agrees to a virtual farewell. Der treating physician Dr. Greiner downloads the consciousness of Nick and Andrea in Nick's virtually reconstructed children's rooms. Nick confronts his mother with the past. She recognizes the pain she has caused him and apologizes honestly. Also for her last betrayal to him: With her agreement Dr. Greiner invites her consciousness into Nick's body and Nick's consciousness into her dying body. Als she wakes up in Nick's body, they plague doubts and guilt, but Dr Greiner convinces her not to deviate from the plan. They leave Nick alone in their bodies to die.

Chose Mentale

2018 /
Since she is electrosensitive, Ema lives isolated in her environment cut off Home. Their only connection to the outside world is mentally, through out-of-body Experiences. One day two boys break into their house; they believe that that no one was home.

In Zeiten der T...

2019 /
Boy meets girl. Sometime in the future. He dreams of the space station above Earth. She lives there. A perfect match. But, look out, teleporting isn't that easy.


2018 /
A perfect marriage is in crisis. Jackie's tired of pretending, but the responsibility is big and being strong is complicated. There's a third guy showing up unexpectedly. It'll change history.


2018 /
A quiet evening at home takes a bizarre turn as a man follows the strange noises in his yard.

On the other si...

2018 /
Eugène relies on a machine that continuously generates dreams. Little by little, they get crazier and crazier.

The Emissary

2018 /
Liv Laika sets out alone on a mission to a distant planet, in search of her ancestors, who were almost dead before They escaped from Earth in the 18th century. After days of radio silence, Liv begins to wonder if they can be found at all. want.

The Masseuse

2018 /
At a time when futuristic androids are becoming more and more common, Loong, an abused boy, repairs an obsolete android, TX-59. A relationship develops between the couple that soon goes beyond that of man and machine.

Tu último día e...

2018 /
A Fox-dressed man breaks the spacetime limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But bellow this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.