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Cowboy Joe

2018 /
COWBOY JOE is an impressive story set in New York City. About a Chinese cowboy who deals with his identity and defies his father for the first time.

Die Schwingen d...

2019 /
The failed musicologist Szabo works as a home and animal caregiver. for wealthy private individuals. But when his successful, younger ex-colleague When he visits Fitzthum, the rare parrot he is supposed to keep escapes. Szabo already sees himself before the shards of his precarious existence. But Fitzthum has a brilliant idea.


2017 /
Tonight is the vernissage of the up-and-coming artist Carlotta Carlsen. While two girls make fun of their work, an important Art collectors impatient - what delays the artist's arrival? She's stuck at home arguing with her ex-boyfriend. When their quarrel has reached its climax, two escaped criminals have Carlotta's window as a ticket to freedom.


2017 /
A couple wakes up together in bed; they start to cuddle, he wants more, but she doesn't feel like it. A thoughtless remark changes the mood sustainable.

Lunar-Orbit Ren...

2018 /
A female tampon accompanies a male astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Daniel is on a mission to scatter his mother's ashes, and Claude hopes for a miraculous return of her period.

Manila is Full...

2018 /
Manila, 7 July 2009: While Michael Jackson's funeral ceremonies in the Philippines are broadcast on television despite terrorist attacks in the south, an alienated son buys a child to impress his father.

Never Forget

2018 /
During a hot summer day two adolescent girls are locked up on a balcony, a group of boys waiting for them at the carnival. When the messages from the boys get hotter rand hotter, the balcony turns into a safe cage the girls no longer want to leave.