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1968 /
Recordings that officially shouldn't have been made. An archive find from the Saxon State Archives. Ralph Eue


1968 /
In an interview with Stefan Gööck, Manfred Köhler, cameraman and television producer Manfred Köhler, who died in 2013 and was head of the "Bezirksfilmstudio Leipzig" in the 1960s, explains the circumstances of the filming of the demolition of the Leipzig University Church in 1968. Rudolf Etzold, a master baker from Schmölln, is mentioned as a co-worker, and Klaus Büttner, a vocational school teacher and member of the "Bezirksarbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfilm Leipzig", took over the development of the 16 mm material, bypassing the DEFA copying plant. Köhler cites the production of these photographs as proof that it was possible not to be captured. Stefan Gööck


2018 /
In #bullyingstory we immerse into Rosalie's (13) desktop. She has been bulliedonline offline the last couple of years. Because of the cyber bullying she even didn’tfeel safe in her own bedroom. The bullying has had serious consequences: she findsit hard to trust her peers and that's why it’s also difficult to make friends for her.Together with Rosalie we find hundreds of bullying stories of other young people onYouTube, where they tell their stories and how the bullying affected them. Rosalierecognizes herself in the stories and she decides to leave a reaction under the videoof Sterre (12). It is a bit of a shock when she receives a response. Through thecomputer screen of Rosalie we meet Sterre, and others who have been bullied whenthey Skype with each other. Rosalie opens up when she notices that she is not theonly one who struggles with the same problems. Could the internet change from her'worst enemy' into a 'buddy'?

1 minuutje natu...

2016 /
Geertje can box and give a lesson to the boys who cause trouble. I want you to know Girls can be stronger than they are. Lina Dinkla

1 minuutje natu...

2016 /
Victor has discovered that he can watch a squirrel from his window. It's very trusting, and he's considering giving it a name. Lina Dinkla

1 minuutje natu...

2016 /
Kasper took in a young blackbird and cared for it until she could fly herself. He talks about what it's like to have to say goodbye. Lina Dinkla

1. Leipziger He...

1984 /
In 1984 the "1st Leipzig Autumn Salon" took place - a venture and a turning point for Dammbeck. Six painters, sculptors and filmmakers organized an art exhibition past all state institutions. It was the first and last of its kind. This recapture of public space by artistic means called into question the monopoly of power of the rulers and became the initial spark for similar activities of other artists in the art centers of the GDR. A courageous signal towards the SED, which regarded the exhibition as a "counterrevolutionary development". After that, there were only two choices: Backward step or departure. Sven Safarov

17 sai no Natsu

2016 /
At Seventeen, Hiro leaves from Tokyo to meet French Deafs in Poitiers. He dives into their daily life of Summer vacations. A get together of Deaf teenagers full of vitalities and inspirations.

1717 kilometrov...

2010 /
A personal summer travelogue through impersonal memories, collective personal ideals and personal collective collectives. An old it was once-land, reborn and nullified in a blink of an eye. A youthful, romantic ride through desolate places, forgotten streets and reconstructed dreams. A poem. Kumjana Novakova


2007 /
The game of life is about taking on a role. Whoever fills them in the best possible way wins. There are rules for girls and boys, women and men. But what happens if you're not allowed to play because you don't fit in? What it feels like to break out and set up your own set of rules. Kim Busch


2002 /
What does Périot have to do with Le Pen? More than a date, birthday of one, election success of the other? The ego in world history as a flood of images from Michelangelo to the Teletubbies, to Hitler and David Bowie, to paintings, Bible scenes, postcards, archive pictures, porn and advertising. Right in the middle: Périot. Grit Lemke

24 Galeti, 7 So...

2012 /
Numbers play an important role in the lives of the Hungarian-Romanian charcoal burners Piroska and Imre - as do radio, the Caribbean and a flourishing misery tourism. The young directors Iacob Marius and Vlad Voinescu create the connection between these ingredients with great ease and a sure dramaturgical feeling. Imre and Piroska spend the summer piling up wood into a pyramid in a forest in Transylvania. As barbecue coal it will reach the whole of Europe. It gets further than the couple who live in a run-down wagon without electricity and spend the evenings listening to radio reports from distant countries and discussing the perfect lottery numbers. Regularly the world comes to them in the form of - quite earthy! - on a horse-drawn carriage, who for a fee photograph genuine Eastern European poverty, often posing with their shovels themselves. Piroska and Imre take it with humor and prefer to think about how to convert the amount of 230 coal sacks into the hit that will bring you to the beach of your dreams - one day. A clever reflection on the supposed documentary view. For the affluent citizen creeps comfortably, fills his memory card with pictures and makes off. Those who remain in the authentic dirt must continue to hope for a miracle - or for the right number. - Grit Lemke

24 godziny Jadw...

1967 /
The typical everyday life of a worker's wife in the 1960s: there is no room for personal life between the night shift and family care. Targeted grips and tired looks - the portrait of a nameless heroine of everyday life.

32 Souls

2016 /
32 A man has souls, says a faith in Myanmar, but we must always call them back to us. The film is at the same time a portrait of a woman who, towards the end of her life, lives alone in a poor hut in the middle of the forest, and an invocation of the ghosts of the past of a country afflicted by wars and losses. The observing, poetic flow of images is repeatedly interrupted by a ghostly, subjective camera - representative of the wandering souls. Lars Meyer


2016 /
Marriage, my community, the"; community between man and woman established by marriage. (Duden)Hermine and Uwe have known each other for 50 years and have been married for 47 years. We accompany them on their 18347th day together.

5 Lessons and 9...

2009 /
"You live somewhere, walk fifty, a hundred, ten thousand times along the same road, take up fragments without ever fully registering THE LOCATION. Years go by, decades pass by. You go on without seeing, possibly unseen yourself. A building is torn down. Before a new one grows tall, you ask yourself: What did it say before? The moving patterns of this district are blurred, and impressions that since the 19th century waves have burnt through here around waves of new arrivals, leaving their mark in the alleys, houses, huts and shops. Ten blocks of houses, past, present, future, time, light, movement, immigration, exclusion, gentrification, racism, history, three languages, 13 voices, 152 years, 17,820 frames, nine minutes, 54 seconds, nine questions, five lessons. Chinatown." (Shelly Silver)

5 x 6 méter

2008 /
This political cartoon uses audio recordings of a demonstration of right-wing radicals against the liberal government of the time. The figures hold up the so-called Arpad flag, which has fascist connotations. Part of an animated internet series running on a news website. Anna Ida Orosz

9 Days – From M...

2015 /
The photographer Issa Touma can't leave his apartment in Aleppo - the Assad army fights hard outside the door against the insurgents and finally the IS. Issa directs the camera at herself and through the blinds pulled down from the window. The result is an authentic image that may seem familiar to people from conflict regions: news images, the real sounds of street battles from outside and the "normality" of everyday life - the perversion of war. Zaza Rusadze

A busz – A sárg...

2003 /
An animated mockumentary about a yellow long-distance bus that has turned into a ghost car, terrorizing the remote, impoverished and outdated villages of northern Hungary. While the camera and the interviewer want to find out the truth about the bus, the old villagers tell their life stories. Anna Ida Orosz

A Fact Has No A...

2018 /
The video analyzes the Highland Archivesheld at the National Museum of Scotland,exploring the problem of cultural heritageand how we deal with visual records of thepast.