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2018 /
During an arranged photo shooting, a manipulative Internet Influencer to cast a spell over a young photographer.

Ein Kuchen für...

2018 /
Confectioner Lisl travels to the food fair to present her invention. No one pays any attention to their instant muesli cake made of oats and nettle powder, the big players are only interested in products with Chia seeds. Until Lisl finally takes more drastic measures.


2018 /
A fallen in love nerd asks a nice teenager the attention of a clueless to get my hairdresser excited.

F**k different

2018 /
Luca, a pretty guy, is attracted to Susy in a boring disco night, a girl who doesn't quite meet the standards he's used to. Will he overcome the fear of his friends' judgment?

Guy proposes to...

2019 /
Filmed through a mobile phone, we see three friends meeting at a modern ski hut. Daniel will propose to his girlfriend and his boyfriend will film the action to have a memory of the best day of her life.

Im Leuchtturm

2018 /
A pub, nine guests and a landlady: the Kammerspiel IM LEUCHTTURM immerses itself in the social microcosm of the corner pub milieu. A film about curious and fascinating stories, the people who tell them and those who listen to them. Zum Wohl!A bar, 9 guests and a barkeeper: a film about quaint and fascinating stories, storytellers and the people who listen to them. Cheers!

Klassenfahrt in...

2018 /
Greta's class goes on a class trip into the future - How great! But all adults are suddenly very excited: How is that supposed to happen? Greta's parents already have a lot of bills to pay. The future must be expensive. And what do you have to take with you? Mama Katharina is very worried. Greta herself actually has very concrete ideas about the future, but nobody listens to her.


2018 /
Ten-year-old Lukas takes terrible revenge on his tormentors in this "Tarantino short film for children".


2017 /
A noblewoman who despises other people gets a double of herself, to finally share her life with a decent person. But by meeting herself, she now also sees her own, less flattering sides of her personality. She realizes she's not her best friend. I can't really stand my own company.

Morgen kommt ke...

2018 /
A single mom's heartbroken because she's got Santa Claus for her I can't pay for my kids this year. The only thing the kids get is that mama because Santa Claus isn't coming. It's quite clear: Mama still believes in the Santa Claus! And now they have to find it for mom...

Ritter von trau...

2018 /
Theatremaker Hans-Peter and craftsman Rocco want to bring a theatre ruin to new splendour. Hans-Peter plans the first performance of Don Quixote, and when reality once again puts a damper on him, this one appears to him: The true Don Quixote of la Mancha - knight of a sad figure and symbol of human hubris! But something about him is not true at all ...

Tea Time on Hip...

2017 /
After she lost her job at Classical FM, she is applying for a job at Radio host Ethel Jenny on a new job.


2018 /
Three best friends, Jimmy, Samy and Sofi, are pursuing a groundbreaking project: Converting a chocolate dispenser into a hash machine. There's also a dog in the movie.

Wenn wir schon...

2018 /
Anton enters the mystical chapel and everything is prepared for the occult orgy. But when only an unknown, masked woman waits there, it becomes clear that nobody will come today anymore. But he really imagined it differently. "Well, while we're here..." Anton thinks, and the failure begins.