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2018 /
Stephan lives with half a dozen imaginary friends and his Life partner Luisa under one roof. The conceited friends make the couple's life increasingly difficult and so Stephan decides a special to take a tablet for his cure. Things are getting out of hand, though, when this tablet in the form of a "pill" appears as a real person and wants to heal Stephan...

The Proposal

2018 /
When the hit man Mason Stone takes his long-time girlfriend Emma out to ask her the big question, he suddenly has a bounty hunter on his heels. What's a man supposed to do in a situation like this? Maybe that's it: kick their ass!

TNT Boxerstory

2018 /
The worn out boxer TNT has neither made it to the top nor put enough money on his side to retire. For a manipulated bet, he therefore enters the ring one last time, the win should become his ticket out of destitution. Shortly before the fight, TNT sums up how his former manager Carlos cheated on him and why Vanessa left him.